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Melanie Salvatore-August

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MelWelltv Livestream

Daily LiveStream Classes with Mel, full connection, potency and real time feedback with a zoom dual video system. Join Mel, grow your practice from the comfort of wherever you are.

This is how you MelWelltv:


  2. Register into MelWell,

  3. Go to SCHEDULE.

  4. Click BOOK NOW on the class and see booking purchase options.

In Person on the OMstead

Moon Practices, Sound Baths, Community flows, Workshops...Join Mel at the magical MelWell OMstead.

What's Coming Up Next

Stay Tuned for In Person...

Be sure to signed up for the newsletter to hear about our summer outdoor events on the slate yoga platform...

This is how you MelWell OMstead:

  1. Click on an EVENT above

  2. Choose PURCHASE NOW  MelWell will ask you to register into the site

  3. Once purchased, you will receive address and any pertinent information about our in person event just prior to date

Reach out to me if you have questions!

MelWelltvOn Demand

All of our MelWelltv Livestream classes are recorded and shared On Demand. Enjoy classes on any device including a super convenient Achieve App from your phone. You can opt in for the On Demand with your LiveStream and you skip the livestream option and simply sign up for On Demand.


Our current MelWelltv On Demand Library has over 120 classes, tutorials and specialty workshops in it and is growing larger every day. 


This is how you MelWelltv On Demand:


  2. Register into MelWell, go to On Demand if you only want On Demand.

  3. Click PURCHASE. 

  4. Otherwise, go to SCHEDULE, choose a class, BOOK NOW on the class and you will see purchase options that include both Livestream and On Demand access.


MelWelltv Livestream + On Demand

Special-In-Person on the OMstead

I am delighted you will be joining me here on the OMstead.—Love, Mel

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