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Melanie Salvatore-August

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Meditation. Transformation. Wellbeing.

Inspire, Ignite, Integrate

Show up to be the change.


"Thrive 365 has helped me begin to create the life I truly want in the midst of all the daily challenges life brings. From feeling very restrictiveness of cancer to breathing in the expansiveness the Universe has to offer and knowing I can do anything I choose! One tool, one choice, one breath at a time!" 

Chloe, 56

Mel’s books and classes have truly changed my life in many ways. She’s incredibly insightful and knowledgeable and yet gracefully presents the concepts in a way that’s practical and relatable to daily living. Her teachings have empowered me, changed my perspective on life, and dramatically improved my relationships.

Liz, 45

"Thrive 365 has been the momentum I've needed to continue growing and expanding through a period of difficult transitions in my life. The group sessions, personal check ins, and daily personal practices are just what I’ve needed to challenge myself; while also feeling held in community, and mentored by my most beloved yoga teacher. Mel is warm, inviting, and genuinely herself. She creates sacred space where I feel comfortable to also be completely myself, to be playful, and to explore the tools she offers. I feel uplifted, and I know this lightness is rippling into those around me. Thank you Mel

Sophia, 33

"Then something miraculous happened, by the end of class today somehow I had let go, all the negativity had lifted. I actually felt great.
Mel I can’t thank you enough for the inspired class you gave today. It was truly transformational.

Carol, 68


Be a Positive Force for Change through Joy & Kindness

Grow and learn through a time tested, honored lineage of love.  

Lean into all aspects of yoga (movement, breathing, stillness and peaceful way of living) and the deep embodiment of spirit with nature. 

MelWell is dedicated to inclusivity, individuality and that all beings are creators  in their own soul evolution.


The world needs your unique soul expression right now. 

All classes, coaching, events, books and offerings are here to help you become your very best self, to thrive and show up in this lifetime in the fullest expression possible.

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