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Vancouver, Canada 

May 27th 1-3pm YYOGA West Sixth with Rachel Scott  Vancouver BC

YYoga with Rachel

May 28th 2-3:30pm Indigo Books Granville  Vancouver BC

Indigo Books Granville


NYC Book Events

Wednesday May 31st Bowery Yoga 6:30pm 302 Bowery #3 (Houston & 1st St) NYC

Thursday Thursday June 1st lululemon Flatiron Hub17 1:30-3pm  Fierce Kindness Flow

Fierce Kindness Flow lululemon hubseventeen

Thursday June 1st ISHTA Yoga 7:30pm with Sarah Platt-Finger

Operation Fierce Kindness: Community kindness Ignition with Melanie Salvatore-August and Sarah Finger

Friday June 2nd YogaWorks Soho 11am-12:15pm  Fierce Kindness Flow


Sunday July 9th Yoga In the Park* sponsored by lululemon 9:30am Civic Park Walnut Creek CA



Oahu HI

Fierce Kindness Immersion in Oahu Oct 8-13th 2017

“The only way that a book like Fierce Kindness can be written, is from the heart and mind of someone who truly embodies it. When I think of the kind of love and kindness that invokes respect and admiration, I think of Melanie Salvatore-August  And now we are blessed with a simple and easy manual that can bring her wisdom, humor and practical advice into our lives. This book invites you into the kind of love that takes no prisoners – the kind of love that our world so desperately needs today.” Katie Silcox, Teacher and NYT Best-Selling Author of Healthy, Happy, Sexy. 

•“Inspirational, heart-full, and just the tiniest bit butt-kicking, “Fierce Kindness” is a must-have on your bookshelf. In her characteristic no-nonsense, mama bear style, Melanie empowers you with immediate and tangible tools to make yourself – and the world – a better place. This book can change your life. Thank you Melanie for putting this into the world! Lightworkers unite!”  Rachel Scott- E-RYT 500, MFA, MSci, Educational Designer, Teacher Trainer, yogi and author of Wit and Wisdom from the Yoga Mat.

“Melanie is a pioneer in the field of holistic wellness, social activism, and practical self-care. The ideas and practices she presents in Fierce Kindness are what I, as a longtime student of hers, lovingly refer to as “mental hygiene.” Why do we exercise our bodies, feed ourselves nutrient-dense food, bathe and groom, but so often forget about our minds, the control center of our existence? The liberation one gains access to when one is lead to the tools and exercises of questioning one’s thoughts, is quite simply magnificent. Melanie is gifted in her unique way of pragmatically guiding her students and readers to the threshold of the most profound journey; that of self-healing. Perhaps you’ve been well on your mindful way for some time now. This book is still the necessary step to breathe life into the ideas you’ve been taught for so long, but don’t always have the capacity to bring to fruition. When I experience Mel’s work, names like Brené Brown, Byron Katie, and Marianne Williamson come to mind. This sensible book is brimming with deep wisdom that will spark inspiration and groundedness in everyone from parents to young adults to functional healing skeptics to entrepreneurs to the elderly to the wildly successful. Could there be any greater gift than the sensation that WE ourselves have the tools to live a more peaceful, calm, less fearful and worrisome life…and all we need to do is unlock them? This book will get you there.”

Sara Courter- Nutritionist, Teacher, Writer and Holistic Maven

“Melanie Salvatore-Augusts second book, Fierce Kindness, is a remarkable call to action from the heart of sacred truths. Though served in a light, palatable format, the teachings are full of depth and tradition. If you want to change the world you must first change yourself.  However, sometimes the steps along the way can leave one in a state of paralysis.  Where to begin? How can I Be the change? Fierce Kindness can help one peel through the layers to get to the heart of the matter…your heart in the matter. It’s not just a book, it’s a way of being and the author leads the call by example. Carl John-musician, author, soul healer

Read the new book!

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“Help kindness become contagious. Uplift the world.  

Shift the world from fear to love with a dose of Fierce Kindness: a movement of nonviolence poised to ignite positive change on a personal, community and global level. This uplifting guide inspires people to be effective warriors for positive change both within themselves and out in the world. Sections encouraging Accountability, Courage and Action guide the reader on a personal journey of transformation.

Read this book from cover to cover; pick it up randomly when you feel discouraged, sad, angry, bored or hungry. Allow the book to open to wherever it falls, and in that moment begin there. Write in this book; scrawl on it with pencil, pen or marker; fill it with your heart’s desires, thoughts and inquiries. Keep it with you so instead of reaching to your phone when you want a moment of distraction, use it to reach into your heart, direct your mind and transform your actions with Fierce Kindness.

Become a part of the Fierce Kindness movement of non-violence as an answer to the turbulent world in which we live.”






OpFK:  We ignite positive change.  

We are an education organization that ignites radical self-care, leadership and community positive change.  *more info on our programs coming soon!



TimeLine of Fierce Kindness 

Fierce Kindness established 4/2013 by Melanie Salvatore-August* (*with the awesome support of Ashley Cunnane, Kortney Larson and Julie Conrad plus the entire lululemon and Yogaworks Walnut Creek communities).

Fierce Kindness Toy Drive and Community Ignition Nov/Dec 2013 (in partnership with Yogaworks and lululemon- toys for foster kids thru Sleep Train)

Fierce Kindness Toy Drive and Community Ignition Nov/Dec 2014 (in partnership with Yogaworks and lululemon- toys for foster kids thru Sleep Train)

Fierce Kindness Toy Drive and Community Ignition Nov/Dec 2015 (in partnership with Yogaworks and lululemon- toys for foster kids thru Sleep Train)

1st KIND Triathlon event (Fierce Kindness in partnership with YogaWorks, lululemon, and Cyclescape)  October 2015 New Athletic Shoes for Foster Kids (thru Sleep Train WC)

2nd KIND Triathlon event (Fierce Kindness in partnership with YogaWorks, lululemon, and Cyclescape) May 2016 Toiletry bags for Homeless benefitting The Women’s Daily Drop In Center Berkeley CA

3rd KIND Triathlon event (Fierce Kindness in partnership with YogaWorks, lululemon, and Functional Muscle Fitness)  Nov 2016 Food/Groceries benefiting Community in need the Monument Crisis Center Concord CA

KIND drive TOYS  (Fierce Kindness and Yogaworks) Oct-December 2016 Toys for children in treatment at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland CA

KIND drive Warm Socks Jan-March 2017  Monument Crisis Center Concord CA


Operation Fierce Kindness the education organization established 1/2017 co-founded by Melanie Salvatore-August and Kaitlin Pratt MFT

Currently running national workshops and local SF bay monthly support meetings, teaching tools of fierce kindness and leadership to effect positive change.

Release of book:  Fierce Kindness; Be a Positive Force for Change (March 2017) by Melanie Salvatore-August published by Yellow Pear Press under Lisa McGuinness

Coming Up:

Fierce Kindness Audible Book Release and Launch Summer 2017

Operation Fierce Kindness online education platform launch Summer 2017

KIND toiletry drive (partnership with Fierce Kindness and YogaWorks) benefitting local homeless thru Monument Crisis Center May-July 2017

KIND school supplies/backpack drive (partnership with Fierce Kindness and YogaWorks) benefitting local children in need thru Monument Crisis Center August-Sept 2017

KIND Triathlon and Community Ignition:   October 2017 *Tentative


Previous 2017- Fierce Kindness Book Conversations and Community ignition:

San Francisco Bay Area CA, USA


Fierce Kindness at Diesel Bookstore Berkeley April 30th 3pm


Fierce Kindness at Orinda Books May 4th 6pm

Fierce Kindness at Book Passage Sausalito May 13th 1pm

Washington DC, USA


The Potter’s House May 6th 2-4pm (in partnership with 826DC)