I am the Author of Fierce Kindness; Be a Positive Force for Change (Yellow Pear Press 2017) & Kitchen Yoga; Simple Home Practices to Transform Mind, Body and Life (YPP 2015), Teacher & Kindness enthusiast.  I’ve been a student & teacher of awake-living for over 30 years.  I BELIEVE in the power of LOVE & the currency of JOY.  Through the tools of mindfulness, yoga, emotional release & Reiki I have shifted my life from despair to joyful fulfillment.



I will help you create your ideal, purpose-driven life while simultaneously inspiring you to rise up into a goodness leader for the world.  I did it and you can too.

As a young child I had meaningful experiences of the paranormal and higher intuition that I later learned to describe as clairvaudiance & clairosentience.  As a pre-teen and teen, I continued to be fascinated by all things metaphysical and read everything I could get my hands on.  My teenage years were also marked by a series of traumas that led me into a cycle of anxiety and depression.  In 1995, I graduated from The University of North Carolina School of the Arts where I studied classical acting which included in depth study of emotional/mental/physical patterning, emotional release, voice speech production, Alexander Technique and BaQua (Chinese Martial Art).  I spent my 20’s studying various philosophies including Tibetan Buddhism and Tantra while also writing and performing in comedy clubs in both NYC and LA.  It was challenging for me to self-regulate and process my own emotions while being highly empathetic to others around me.  My understanding of the human condition rooted in that time yet it wasn’t until I delved deep into my yogic practice that I was able to move through and heal my own anxiety/depression and direct my life into my dharma (life calling) of teaching. I learned that my greatest suffering in this life time has proved to be my greatest gift and teachings.  My life has been transformed by the tools of self-study, self-love, self-accountability and service to be a positive force for change in the world.  This is the process and movement that I call Fierce Kindness and what I offer in all aspects of my teaching.

Since 1988, I have taught many movement modalities as well as hip hop aerobics!  I have taught acting, scene study, voice/speech, improvisation and multiple modalities of the performance arts to professionals in Los Angeles as well as at the University level.  I have been teaching yoga for 12 years and I have led over 15 (200hr/300hr) YogaWorks Teacher Trainings since 2009.  I am proud to have taught thousands of students and educated many hundreds of teachers and influencers be a positive force for change in their own lives and the world.  I am skilled at making the complex become simple and actionable.  I believe the greatest transformations come from an intentional cultivation of stability, compassion, humility and joy.  I believe the true teacher is within and help my students connect and trust their own inner wisdom to live their best life.

I hold a BFA in Classical Acting, 500ERYT ISHTA Yoga Certificate, YogaWorks Senior Trainer and Certified Teacher, PRYT Birthing Coach (influenced by the Bradley Natural Birthing Method), CTA Life Coach, Certified Reiki Healer, a legacy lululemon brand ambassador and a Screen Actors Guild member since 1992.  I am a master silly maker as well as a lover of food and nature.

I have a profound gratitude for my many teachers/influencers, including but not limited to my parents, Shakti Gawain, Dr Wayne Dryer, Franklyn Covey, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Georgia O’Keefe, Barbara Brennan, Core Energetics, Yogananda Parahamsa, Robert Franscisconi, Martin Rader, Cigdem Onat, Alan Finger, Jean Koerner, Mark Whitwell, Elena Brower, Jenny Aurthur, Julie Wood, Carl John and Mynx Inatsugu. Extra gratitude to the love of my life Rafael August and the honor of being the mother of our boys Gio, Cash and Roman.

Join me by reading my books, sessions live and online, YogaWorks Teacher Trainings and Yoga/Meditation classes.  My mission is to give you the tools to take charge of your own life by waking your innate spiritual power and loving nature.

“There is a ripple effect for everything that we do—intentionally or unintentionally, so let’s intentionally set forth a powerful force of kindness. Through our skilled actions of positivity, let us begin to reverberate goodness throughout the world. You will reach hundreds, thousands and maybe even millions with your seemingly simple acts of kindness. By seeing the good around you, seeing the goodness inside other human beings and acknowledging and acting upon that goodness, you will begin a domino effect of sight, acknowledgment and shift of local and global consciousness for the better: from positive to negative, from problem to possibility, and from fear to love.

~Fierce Kindness; Be a Positive Force for Change (March 14th 2017)

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Meet Mel at these Upcoming Book Events!

Vancouver, Canada 

May 27th 1-3pm YYOGA West Sixth with Rachel Scott  Vancouver BC

YYoga with Rachel

May 28th 2-3:30pm Indigo Books Granville  Vancouver BC

Indigo Books Granville


NYC Book Events

Wednesday May 31st Bowery Yoga 6:30pm 302 Bowery #3 (Houston & 1st St) NYC

Thursday Thursday June 1st lululemon Flatiron Hub17 1:30-3pm  Fierce Kindness Flow

Fierce Kindness Flow lululemon hubseventeen

Thursday June 1st ISHTA Yoga 7:30pm with Sarah Platt-Finger

Operation Fierce Kindness: Community kindness Ignition with Melanie Salvatore-August and Sarah Finger

Friday June 2nd YogaWorks Soho 11am-12:15pm  Fierce Kindness Flow


Sunday July 9th Yoga In the Park* sponsored by lululemon 9:30am Civic Park Walnut Creek CA



Oahu HI

Fierce Kindness Immersion in Oahu Oct 8-13th 2017